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Yoga Offerings

  • Contemporary Classical Hatha Yoga classes - alignment focused slow flowing movement integrated with breath and threaded with philosophy for balance, health and wellness
  • Half Day Yoga Retreats / Workshops
  • Weekend Wellness Yoga Retreats
  • Blissful Bali Retreats
  • Corporate Yoga in your workplace in and around Melbourne CBD.


What is Yoga:

Yoga is everywhere! Yoga is modern, trendy and accepted in the mainstream by most, originating over 2000 years ago, a system withstanding the test of time.


Being able to touch your toes, stand on your head or sit cross-legged for hours in meditation are not pre-requisites to yoga. If these are your goals, with dedicated practice you may get there, and feel amazing for it.   The deeper practices of Yoga creates harmony and equanimity regardless of attaining the goal.


Yoga is SO much more than stretching and sitting, it is an ever-evolving philosophy, art and science, a magical cornucopia of practical and simple techniques that can enhance all aspects of your life.  


The Sanskrit word Yoga loosely translates to mean Union. The ultimate purpose of Yoga is "To realise that the Individual Consciousness is One with Universal Consciousness". A big ask perhaps when you just want to stretch out tight hamstrings in down dog!


A coherent practice of mindful, heart-full, conscious physical movement integrating your breath and listening to your own innate intelligence is an accessible branch into the wholeness of Yoga. Yoga teaches us to balance and honor all aspects of our individual Self and in doing so, supporting and harmonizing this planet that we share.  


If you have an Affinity towards creating a life you love experience for YourSelf some of the abundant benefits of Yoga.   Join me in a class, workshop or retreat to:

  • Create inner and outer balance
  • Build physical strength and increase flexibility
  • Sharpen mental clarity and focus
  • Feel emotional stability and harmony
  • Balance cardio, respiratory, digestive, nervous and endocrine systems
  • Increase tolerance, endurance and energy
  • Dissolve stress and tension
  • Let go and relax deeply
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Access inner peace and calm
  • Awaken joy in your heart
  • Enhance your creativity and enthusiasm for life
  • Sneak a peak at enlightenment if you choose to go there

Giving Back

Thank You for your connections with Affinity Yoga.


Know that your participation in Affinity Yoga Retreats and Workshops aids balance within our community, environment and our world.  


Affinity Yoga is a financial supporter and volunteer at the Tree Project.   


Established in 1989 TreeProject brings the urban and rural community together to restore urgently needed Indigenous vegetation and to repair Victoria's damaged ecosystems.  Tree Project's underlying philosophy is that repairing our natural resources, including the farmland that produces our food, fibres and other essential items, relies upon the entire community. TreeProject connects urban and rural communities to work together putting trees back on the land.   


We all share the benefits of repairing the ecosystems which we (all creatures great and small) rely on for healthy air, water and soil quality.  If you would like to know more or get involved as a grower or financial supporter visit