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Half Day Urban Yoga ReTreats

ReTreat yourSelf to an afternoon of nourishing Yoga

The half day yoga retreats offer an afternoon of balancing, nourishing and purifying Yoga.  Open to new and long term yoga practitioners the afternoon will allow you time to deepen and fully integrate all aspects of Yoga Asana (physical movement), Pranayama (energetic breath work), deep Relaxation and Meditation.


Interweaving the ancient wisdom of the yogic philosophy accompanied by current scientific findings, you will gain a greater insight into the enriching benefits the practice of yoga can bring into your life both on and off the mat.



WHEN -  Saturday 1:30-5:15pm

  • 18 January 2020
  • 29 February
  • 4 April
  • 20 June
  • 1 August
  • 12 September
  • 24 October
  • 5 December

WHERE:  Held at the peaceful, welcoming yoga studio at:

Yoga In Daily Life - a serene oasis in the heart of bustling Richmond

Level 1, 8 Corsair Street (Cnr Laser St) 

Richmond 3121


visit map




PARKING:  There is unrestricted parking on the Laser St side and 4hr parking on the Corsair St side of the venue.  Burnley St has unrestricted parking and is a 5 minute walk to the venue.  If you are in 2hr parking you will have time to move your car during the break.  



  • Arrive 1:15pm for 1:30pm start until 5:15pm
  • Afternoon tea (famous chai!) mats and props provided
  • Investment $70  
  • Half Day Retreats are run with a minimum of 12 and maximum of 22 participants

THEMES:  Each retreat is themed with Yogic philosophy.  If you'd like to be informed of the theme and advanced reminder of each date please register to receive the Affinity Yoga newsletter.


TO REGISTER:   Click Here to a download registration form. To secure your booking, please complete and return the form via email along with your payment (pay in details included on the form).


If you have attended a Half Day Retreat before there is no need to complete another form.  Simply let me know via email if anything has changed for you since then.  


What to Expect

As a beginner, advanced practitioners or teacher of yoga, the Half Day Yoga Retreat will allow you invaluable time to explore, extend and deepen your Yoga practice. Uninterrupted time for you.


The afternoon is nurturing and nourishing, encouraging and informatively threaded with Yogic philosophy, current scientific findings and relevant tips to balance, enrich and enhance your health and wellbeing.  There is plenty of time for you to restore when required and challenge when appropriate. You'll leave with easily accessible tips to take your Yoga off the mat into your everyday life.


During the afternoon you will be guided through:

Asana ~ physical movement through slow flowing sequences and static postures

  • Enjoy fully being in your body
  • Be guided through postural alignment for increased energy flow
  • Strengthen stretch and release
  • Increase bone density
  • Mobilise and stabilise joints
  • Improve blood flow, circulation and lymphatic movement
  • Release energetic blockages and stagnation
  • Cleanse through twisting poses
  • Quiet the mind in forward bending poses
  • Ground and stabilise in standing poses
  • Find your centre in balances
  • Open your heart in back bends
  • Broaden your perspective with inversions

Pranayama ~ guided breath work

  • Unite mind, body and heart through focused breathwork
  • Release what is not conducive to your wellbeing
  • Calm and balance your nervous system
  • Shift stagnancy and blockages
  • Enhance your pranic/energetic flow
  • Improve and strengthen cardio-respiratory system

Deep Relaxation

  • Let go and release
  • Melt away physical tension
  • Free yourself from mental and emotional fatigue and stress
  • Restore and renew your energy


  • Time to explore various techniques that can work for you
  • Focus and concentrate your mental energy
  • Enjoy deep inner calm and peace
  • Increase conscious awareness
  • Build a cohesive relationship between your mind, heart and emotions
  • Tune into your intuition
  • Connect with your deep innate wisdom

Mudras and Bandhas

  • Increase and sustain your energy
  • Internally support and strengthen your body
  • Direct pranic flow
  • Increase awareness of your subtle body
  • Awaken to the subtle aspects of yourself

Mantras and Chant

  • Heighten your energetic vibration
  • Create positive mind and energy re-patterning
  • Elevate your mood
  • Open your heart to joy