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About Julia Jones


I believe that every individual can benefit from Yoga. I regularly hear my clients say ‘I’m so glad I came to class today, its exactly what I needed’. Yoga allows us time to listen assess and

action what we need for balance, stress management, resilience, health and happiness, to actively take control of our own wellbeing.


Another regular comment I hear from yoga participants returning from time away is ‘I’ve missed this so much’. Yoga allows us time to connect to the essence of our being that can easily be forgotten and buried beneath the business of daily routine. It allows us time to evaluate what is important and how we want to utilize our energy in creating a life with passion, meaning, and purpose.


The teachings of yoga show us that every unique individual has a shared Universal light that is constant and unchanging, perfect and pure, a state of ‘being’. There is also a part of us that is constantly in change, growing and ‘becoming’. From birth we have a multitude of influences that shape our lives, directing and redirecting our course, we also have the privilege of choice in our ‘becoming’.   Yoga teaches us to simultaneously walk the duel paths of ‘being and becoming’ to open up the channels that connect all aspects of ourselves so that heart, mind, intuition, spirit and body intelligence communicate harmoniously.


My Affinity with Yoga began in the early ninety’s when my passion and curiosity for all things beneficial to health and wellness, and a big believer in ‘prevention is better (and gentler) than cure’, led me to yoga. I’ve always enjoyed the physical, mental and emotional benefits of exercise and movement and it was through a Yoga foundations course that I had my true ‘AHA’ moment. It opened up the world of intrigue and deeper enquiry into this ancient wisdom of the East and how relevant it is to Western modern day wellbeing. The rich philosophy, psychospiritual and energetic teachings brought completeness to my yoga practice and it was crystal clear to me that I wanted to share the benefits with as many people as I could through teaching.


Since graduating in 2006 I’ve had the honor and privilege of teaching and practicing with hundreds of unique individuals from all walks of life, many who’ve remained on the path with me since then and encourage my growth through their commitment and dedication.   I’m continuously inspired by the sharing of positive benefits I see and hear from my clients through their practice. How coming to yoga got them through major emotional challenges, the ability to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications, the insights that come through expansive conscious awareness, discovering the power of their own breath and the self amazement they experience when moving into a posture for the first time that they never thought they were capable of, the benefits reaching far beyond the physical.


My personal and collective goal in being and becoming, is to continue to learn, grow, share and be inspired by my past and present wise, loving and knowledgeable teachers, many of who are my students, family, friends and nature.


I hope to keep you inspired and to share Yoga with You.



  • Advanced Diploma of Teacher Training (1120 hrs) - Australian Institute of Yoga
  • Yoga Australia, Level 3 Senior Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Leonie Lockwood Yoga (60 hrs) 2020
  • Yoga Therapy : Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breath - Yoga Synergy (120 hrs) 2017
  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga (120 hrs) – Synergy Yoga
  • Studio Pilates - Mat Pilates
  • Diploma of Holistic Counseling – Natural Therapies College
  • Usui Healing System - Reiki Level 1 & 2 – Om Reiki Centre
  • Pellowah Healing System Level 1 & 2 – Om Reiki Centre
  • First Aid Certificate
  • CPR Certificate




"Thank you again to you and Sandra for such a wonderfully nurturing weekend at Hepburn Springs. I left the retreat feeling so light and balanced - it was such a treat to feel like that again. You and Sandra are such lovely angels. You both create such a positive, gentle and nurturing atmosphere for everyone to get the most out of the practises."


Pauline  (Senior Research Scientist)




"Thanks for an amazing weekend; it was unbelievably relaxing, educational and spiritually, emotionally and intellectually rewarding. I'm glad that I went - it far exceeded my expectations".


Brendan (Hotel Revenue Manager)



"Julia introduced me to yoga 6 years ago and for the first time in my life I have found a form of exercise that makes me so happy. I can’t imagine life without yoga.  Thanks to Julia every time I am on the mat I learn something about myself and about my yoga".


Kate (Senior Change Management Consultant)




"Thank You for such a magical, inspiring afternoon.  We all loved it and left feeling energized and inspired.  You are such a gifted, soulful teacher whose gifts keep on giving in daily life. I look forward to your next mini-retreat!"


Janet (Mindfulness Meditation Expert Teacher and Author) 



“I’ve been practicing yoga under Julia’s tutelage for over 8 years and I can’t speak highly enough of her professionalism, experience, humor and understanding.  I began seeing Julia to help me with my flexibility, however she opened my eyes to the significant health, mental and social benefits of taking yoga. She provides calm in my sometimes stressful life, and encourages me to take time to devote to myself, listen to what my body is telling me, and focus on my goals and ambitions.

I have undertaken all of Julia’s workshops and retreats and found them fantastically balanced between broadening my knowledge in yoga and dedicating time to meditation and relaxation – accompanied with some fantastic chai!


I would recommend Julia’s classes and workshops to beginners through to advanced yoga students, and have found her ability to differentiate and alternate classes to suit individual needs to be exemplary, fun, and completely approachable and supportive.”


Heather (Medical Lab Scientist) 



“Dearest Julia, I just want to say a BIG thank you to you and Sandra for one amazing week! My God where do I begin? So many firsts, so many experiences, so much for the mind, body and soul, so, so incredible! Hard to put in words the whole experience but suffice to say I want to come back next year! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Om shanti, shanti shanti.”


Jane (Marketing Manager / Yoga Teacher) 



"I first attended Julia’s Bali retreat with Sandra Groves in May 2014, and I loved it so much I went back the next year! As a stressed-out young lawyer with no time to plan a holiday, it was the perfect escape for me. The retreat is the perfect balance of structure and free time, taking care of the logistics and fuss usually involved in holidays. The variety in the classes, daily themes and focuses, and nurturing, tailored approaches to teaching of both Julia and Sandra make it an experience that is both relaxing and informative. They also know every great restaurant and café in Ubud, making every meal a stress-free and delightful experience. I cannot speak more highly of the experience."


Lily (Solicitor)




"Thank you for a life changing experience of yoga and meditation in Bali.   Before going I was nervous, as I'm not exactly a serious yoga aficionado. It's a good week if I make it to the (low-key) Sunday class at my local gym. How was I going to manage three hours a day?!    I need not have worried. You are both the most amazingly knowledgable, communicative, patient and generous teachers I know. You made yoga accessible for me, with just the right amount of both challenge and nurturing. I came away from the week feeling like a new person: calm, strong, alive, restored. Can't wait to go again!"


Jessica (Form Designer) 



“Just a note to thank you for organising and running such a magical yoga retreat in blissful Bali. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am missing the daily practice. The places you took us to were wonderful, such amazing food and good company, always.” 


Jennifer (Mid-wife) 



"In the last five or so years I have been an attendee for Julia's yoga on her Friday lunchtime classes, plus her Half Day Yoga Re-Treats of a Saturday afternoon every second month.

I superbly appreciate the way Julia takes her classes for a variety of reasons.  As well as giving a description of each physical activity you are required to take, Julia also does the exercise herself at the front or side of the room to show what and how it is done.  This helps a lot, as there is a variety of activities at each class.  She is a warm welcoming person to new attendees, giving them plus others the general advice on how to physically do the class.

Julia's classes are encouraging, as they provide body and brain connections, so that at the end of the enjoyed class one feels positive both physically and mentally.  Such feelings inspire us to want to do more and more of her classes, and recommend them to others."

Jim (Information Technology Retired Person)




"Over the last almost 10 years I have had the privilege of building and growing my yoga practice with Julia through classes, workshops and retreats both near and far. All of my experiences with Julia have always been filled with an ease and lightness of spirit that has gently allowed me to grow my practice to be what I wanted and needed it to be throughout the shifts and changes of life. Endlessly patient and always smiling, Julia has led me to do, experience and find things within myself that I didn’t know were possible. For me the expression of yoga as connection between mind and body has been my favourite teaching and this is still the core of my practice after many years; as a teacher, Julia is accepting and welcoming of whatever level you are at and whatever you want to be open to. Over time I have found that being in her classes has enabled me to find a stronger balance between the physical, mental and spiritual world and I often refer to my practice as “personal training for the mind” to friends and family as I observe how it affects my ability to concentrate and think more clearly in the crazier and busier aspects of my life. Thank you Julia for your wonderful classes and presence!"


 Em (IT Consultant)




"Julia has been delivering lunchtime yoga classes to a small but passionate group of yogis at my law firm since May 2014. Being in a busy profession and often “desk-bound”, Julia’s classes are our weekly opportunity to unwind, stretch, improve posture, and find stillness in a hectic work day. Julia’s approach – always emphasising the importance of breathing and “working at your own level” – has been perfect for a group of varied experience levels and ages. Julia’s compassionate, encouraging and perceptive teaching style makes yoga a joy for us."


Lily (Solicitor)